Premiering 24th of February 2012 in Kanonhallen, Løren

23. february 19.30 (Pre-showing)
24. february 19.30
25. february 19.30
26. february 19.30

Directing/Choreography/Script: Anne Kathrine Fallmyr & Tale Hendnes

Production Design: Marianne Stranger

Light: Evelina Dembacke

Sound: Fredric Vogel

Project coordinator: Hanna Hvattum

Assistant Director: Lilly Elvekrok Agerup

Assistant Production Designer: Aleksander Østgaard

Make-up: Ragnhild Brochmann


Magnus Myhr

Elsa Lystad

Ida Gudbrandsen

Iselin Borgan

Antero Hein

Gaute Næsheim

Caroline Sprott

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Production funding:

Kanonhallen, Selvaag, Peer Gynt Parken, FFUK


«Linda is surely not a grandmother of 5, does not have pink curls and does not play the organ in church. She did not kill her second husband, not by mushroom poisoning. She went to court, got away with it, and then she sued the mushroom company and won, and now she’s rich and likes to tan in the garden.»

In «Welcome to Helen Stormberg» we get to know different characters, in a village, somewhere. In a hyper-real televisual style a story unravels the dark secrets. In the search of happiness things can go wrong.

Concept/Directors: Anne Kathrine Fallmyr & Tale Hendnes

Script: Sturla Valldal Rui/Anne Kathrine Fallmyr/Tale Hendnes/Justin Palermo

Production Design: Marianne Stranger

Light: Evelina Dembacke

Sound: Fredric Vogel

Assistant director: Ida Gudbrandsen


Marius Hermansen, Ingeborg Husbyn Aarsand, Frank-Thore Nilssen, Hege Elsmo-Martinsen, Iselin Borgan, Kira Senkpiel, Magnus Myhr and Richard Bowers

Premiere 25th of August 2011 in Kanonhallen, Oslo


25. august 19.30
26. august 19.30
28. august 19.30
30. august 19.30
31. august 19.30
01. september 22.00
02. september 19.30
03. september 19.30
04. september 19.30
06. september 19.30
07. september 19.30
08. september 19.30

Production and development funding

Kulturrådet/Norwegian Arts Council, Kanonhallen and Oslo Kommune