Three sisters are captured by their own fate, in their own garden. They are spending day in and day out tending to it, never ever having been on the outside. Until one day when the house and its beautiful garden is put up for sale. Can they leave their abusive over-weight mother trapped inside the house? And where shall they go?

THE GARDEN is a piece based on Chekhov's "The Cherry Orhcard" and "Three Sisters", and was played in an old garden in Old Town, Fredrikstad at the Månefestivalen 2009. For film see here.

Anne Kathrine Fallmyr (NO)

Tale Hendnes (NO)

Ellie Griffiths (UK)

Thomas Østgaard (NO)

Music composed by:

Thomas Tichai (DE)

Photos: Jannicke Sjøvold (NO)

Video: Bengt Gabrielsen (NO)

Hosted by Månefestivalen



25 min

24 and 25 of July 2009


Fredrikstad, Norway